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Several outlets noted that she was not wearing a wedding ring.

Now multiple sources have revealed the Hollywood couple separated earlier this year, although insiders tell People.com "there has been no drama" in their break up. In accordance to the recently announced split, the actress has been mum about the divorce process.

The brunette beauty swept her tresses up into a chic ponytail and left accessories to a minimum, including rocking a naked ring finger.

Kate Beckinsale's wedding ring was noticeably absent as she took to the red carpet in London on Monday night for the 2015 British Fashion Awards. Len Wiseman and the "Underworld" actress have tried to make their relationship work before making the big move; but still did not push through according to what they expect.

Kate Beckinsale is officially single as her relationship with ex-husband Len Wiseman has caused them both in a split. Apparently, they have not resolved the issues of their marriage and are still constantly fighting.

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